Monday, 4 July 2011

Arrrrrh I have been so stupid today - Warning!

No card today I'm afraid.  I was all ready to make one tonight but when I went to log in to my Hotmail account this eveningI couldn't gain access.

I received an email from Hotmail this morning (or so I stupidly thought) saying that they would delete my hotmail account within the next 48 hours unless I verified my account by giving my account details which I did including my password.  My password has now been changed, the answer to my security question has been changed and I am unable to change my password as the email address to reset it is not my own. 

I have spent all evening changing all my banking passwords but am still worried about all the sensitive information still on my Hotmail account- I wasn't very good at deleting emails.

Please be warned and ignore any messages received like this.  I have received emails like this for bank details but have ignored them but didn't realise how much senstive information is stored in my email account.



  1. awww sarah you poor thing there are some nasty people around arent there my email was hacked into a few months ago had to change everything as well luckily they only sent out some dodgy looking emails supposidly from me but nothing else hopefully your's will be fine too sending you hugs sara x x x

  2. OMG! Sarah, poor you! What a thing to happen. I really do appreciate the warning, and I am sure a lot of other people will too. At least you are sorting it! I just would stumble here.... Judy x

  3. OMG sarah, i hope you get everything sorted out hun,

    xx coops xx

  4. Oh Sarah,
    How horrible for you. Life is stressful enough without these idoits making things worse.
    Sorry you have had to go through this. xx

  5. Hi Sweetie. I do hope you get everything sorted. I have know lots of people have trouble with Hotmail. My friend change her broadband supplier a couple of years ago because of that. They got into her email list and I am still getting spoof emails from her old address.



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